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  • Get their imaginations going with these fun children's books. Padded cover books are include tales of origins from a religious perspective and are a great addition to home libraries, preschools, day care centers, and church nurseries.
    God Cares for Me
    God Made Friends
    God Made Family
    God Made Nature
    8 pages (board book) Size: 6" x 6"
  • Each book in this set 4 includes a Bible verse to help connect the lesson it teaches with the Bible. Includes a word search and other fun activities. Kind and Respectful See how kind Jerry Giraffe is to his friend Ellie Elephant. Notice how two monkey brothers, Charley and Sam. learn to be respectful of each other. Polite and Brave Find out how Ella the Tiger learns to be polite. Fly with Billy the Toucan as he discovers how to be brave. Promise and Sharing Run with Patrick the Puppy and learn to keep a promise. Play with the Piglet siblings and learn sharing. Help and Forgiveness Make breadfast with Chester Chicken and learn it is okay to need help. Go on a picnic with the Bunny family and learn forgiveness. Paperback 24 page ® 2020 Flying Frog Publishing Measures 8"h x 6"w
  • A collection of books for your child's bedside. These colorful books are easy for little hands to hold and also include whimsical illustrations along side each prayer. Ideal for church camps, day care, Sunday Schools, and travel. 8 pages size 6.5" x 4.25"
  • Thanks For Thinking of Love Do You Really See Everything? A Real Friend is Someone Who Takes Time to Listen to You We Are All So Different..All Individual Designs Children have lots of questions about God and how God helps their lives. This series handles each question as a letter to God. It presents the answers to children's complicated questions in sweet, simple language that is meaningful and understandable to them. - Set of 4 Books by Flying Frog Publishing (Author), Annie Fitzgerald (Illustrator) (January 1, 2018) paperback 24 pages books measure 8" x 8"

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